Pedal Powered Generator

Our system for amplification is all pedal powered. Meaning that you, YES YOU! are going to be the one pedaling the

Pedal Powered Generator at the 2011 CBMF

energy needed to produce all of the festivals sound.

Chico Bicycle Music Festival has invested in building our own pedal powered generator. Each year we are improving on our generator and our sound gear.

After the success of the 2009 festival and the enthusiasm from a couple of brilliant friends, the CBMF  invested in a system that can last Chico for a lifetime. Now not only will the CBMF be forever with us every BIKE month, we can also use the system at: school dances, movie in the park night, lat

Our Pedal-o-meter If it’s green your doing great. Yellow means to slow and red means to fast.

e night farm parties and much much more.

The Pedal Powered generator is as follows: we have an eight foot steel frame with a steel bar running down the middle. Four trainers are welded to the frame and hold four back tires of bicycles to the bar. The spinning of the wheels spins the bar. The bar is connected with a pulley to a 550 watt motor, wired to a charge controller wired to a deep cycle car battery hooked up to a Pure Sine Wave 1500 watt PowerBrite inverter.

Pedal your feet to keep the beat.

 Our design focuses on San Francisco BMF’s Biker Bar. Taking the same general idea and making it Chico style, an audience member will be able to show up, hook there bikes up to the generator and pedal power the sound gear.

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