The Golden Geese

Chico Bicycle Music Festival

is a community supported festival.

CBMF does not pay bands to perform.

Lyda a Golden Goose collecting for the bands.

Instead, we pass the bucket for donations amongst the crowd after each band plays. Some bands go to great lengths to be part of the CBMF, and all of our bands have spent years developing their musical act. So show your support for the bands you like by throwing some cash in the bucket.

Through down for your favorite performer.

Through down for your favorite performer.

It’s not cool to support bands early in the day, then run out of money for the later performers. Please bring plenty of ones and fives, or tens and twenties, high roller! As San Francisco BMF co-founder Gabe Domiquez says, “please take a few bucks out of your pocket, then put the rest in the bucket.” When you here that horn we are sending a beautiful golden goose your way to help keep the festival going and show your appreciation for the bands.


Our Geese are dressed in all gold. Spot one and donate to all the bands.


2 Responses to “The Golden Geese”

  1. goodlucktumwater Says:

    had a great time playing ! thanks for the opportunity to let us entertain!

  2. Gabe Says:

    “Please take a few dollars out of your wallet… and then give us the rest!”

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