Learn about BEC.

CBMF is brought to you by BEC.

CBMF is brought to you by BEC.

The Butte Environmental Council (BEC) is a leading non-profit environmental organization based in Chico, California. Founded in 1975, BEC has continued to provide the community with environmental education, information, and advocacy through programs and events.

BEC’s achivements are made possible by the active support of more than 600 valued members, staff, and board.  

Our mission is to protect and defend the land, air and water of Butte County and the surrounding region.  

  • Increase public awareness and citizen participation in local, regional, and statewide environmental issues.

  • Offer educational programs and advocacy campaigns funded through membership dues, fundraising events, grants, and sponsorships

  • Provide information referral to local citizens regarding environmental issues or services. 

BEC continues to be very active in Butte County and the surrounding region.

  • Our advocacy programs are working to protect groundwater, improve air quality, and encourage growth that is healthy for the community and the environment.

  • Our education programs continue to work to educate the public about environmental health and wellness through our workshops and our educational outreach materials.

  • We are moving towards a membership development model that focuses on bringing people together and protecting the environment through building strong community.

  • We are still working to save the world. 

  • Check out our Page on there website: http://www.becnet.org/chico-bicycle-music-festival

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