CBMF History

BEC brings you CBMF

The Chico Bicycle Music Festival (CBMF) is a non-profit event to promote human-scale transportation and talented local musicians through innovation, bicycles and community. Taking place on June 1st from 12pm till dark, (the CBMF) is the perfect finale to BIKE month, a national campaign promoting bicycling to work, school and play.
This festival is for all ages and free to the public. The audience runs the amplified sound, by bicycling to generate power. This gets people moving to the music and participating in a new way of thinking of energy. Bicycling to two different venues also gives the community a feel for moving themselves on a bicycle and realizing how fun and easy it is. We have volunteers helping to make the festival run smoothly and efficiently. The CBMF is a project of the Butte Environmental County (BEC), an advocacy non-profit that fights for clean air, water and land.

Dick and Jane @ Discovery Shop Parking Lot

The festival began in 2007 in San Francisco, and has since doubled in size each year. The concept has begun to be emulated up and down the West coast, with a BMF in Eugene OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and Vancouver, as well. We encourage you to start one in your city!

We will have a Blush Catering at the day of the festival. Check there Blog to find out what they will be serving up.


First stop: 12pm Camillia Way Park, Vallombrosa.

LiveOnBike Switch at Cedar Grove The Meadow

The proof is in your legs.

Second Stop: 5pm GRUB Cooperative

For more information contact:

Samantha Zangrilli: magicpedalproductions@gmail.com

3 Responses to “CBMF History”

  1. justin wood Says:

    Way to make it happen!

  2. maria Says:

    We got the when, but not the WHERE. Great idea…keep us posted!

  3. Will and Madeline Says:

    We will be there.

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