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WOW! That Festival was Awesome!!! Thank you Chico Community!

June 9, 2010

I, Sammey Zangrilli, would like to say some Thank yous on behalf of the Chico Bicycle Music Festival. Spirit.

We love you!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much to all 53 wonderful volunteers for giving it there all at the festival this year.

Thank you to all the pedalers, you all rocked the festival with your power and strength!

Thank you to all our amazing performers for the beautiful music to christened our new pedal power system.

Thank you to our Pedal Power engineers!!! Greg Degouveia, Mike Temple, Edward Yusef Swafford, Brad Hauskins and Cheetah Tchudi!

Also, Thank you to the community of Chico for being cool, showing up and having a blast of a party!!!!

Ma Muse @ Cedar Grove the Meadow

Thank you Greg and Mike!!!!!!

Dick and Jane & Pedal Power

Our audience at Cedar Grove the Meadow.