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Check it out!

March 15, 2010

Hey Everyone! Sammey here bringin you the lastest on this years Chico Bicycle Music Festival. If you came to the benefit then you saw the amazing 3-D image of what Chico’s Pedal Power will look like. If you didn’t here it is again!

Chico Pedal Power

Let me explain what you are looking at. Here we have an 8 foot steal frame with a slightly smaller 2in steal bar in the middle. Four bicycles will be able to hook there back tire onto the trainers (8 arms sitting upward). With the Back tires resting on the bar, when you pedal the bar moves. The bar is then attached with a chain to a 500 watt motor. The motor is then plugged into an inverter where the pedal energy is changed into real electricity. This will be our system for the Chico Bicycle Music Festival this year and for more to come. Also, we hope to lend out the system to schools, non-profits and even movie in the park fans for anything and everything that needs power. Thanks again to all who came to the benefit.

Remember Chico Bicycle Music Festival June 5th, 2010!

Appreciation for your support!

March 12, 2010

Thank you Chico Community for showing up last Saturday. Tha pedal power benefit was a huge success. We made money, listened to beautiful music and danced up a storm. Check out these photos of the room set up. Thanks again!

Bicycle Parade

Information Table

GRUB restaurant